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I remember seeing your triode curves for those. See blog number and number for more information on the cathode follower and its modification. Basic Topologies It’s time to put the fun back into the fundamentals. I don’t have the preamp with me at the moment, but after the 6×5 rectifier, the first cap is a 4. Yes, my password is: Post 6 of 9. Or, we could go in the other direction and use a coupling capacitor to connect the input triode’s cathode to the SRPP’s output.

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Not as much GM as the variants, but super linear.

5687 Line Preamp

That looks easy to make and I have a few of those tubes here and probly build a nice power supply out of stuff I have here. You could increase the size of the coupling caps but this also reaches the point where cost vs. Just need to get some caps, got everything else.

The Bored Bored Member. Fri Sep 05, 4: So you have been everywhere and done everything. Green, G9 and slowblow mic pre.

DIYParadise preamp | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

These six arrangements can then be combined to create more topologies. Slowblow slowie’s vs G9?

I’m not worrying about filaments for now. One problem we might encounter is that the input triode’s current flows through the sense resistor, Srp;, and the SRPP’s bottom triode.


DIYParadise 5687 preamp

It is an intrinsically single-ended design, as it can only aggressively pull its output upward, and then release its hold, lessening its conduction, as its output swings negatively, allowing the cathode resistor to passively pull down. For example, the first topology, the famous and ubiquitous grounded-cathode amplifier, can either cascade into another grounded-cathode amplifier, with the first grounded-cathode amplifier’s output becoming the next grounded-cathode amplifier’s input; or, the rspp signal reference attaching to 55687 second’s output or its input; or, just be placed in parallel with another grounded-cathode amplifier, thereby creating a tube-based mixer.

I am done discussing this “schematic bit” with you or others.

It had all the qualities expected from the 10 family of triodes and I sgpp enjoyed the VT25 Visseaux in this configuration for its rich texture and refined sound. Actually there are some preamp out there using theAudio Note preamps and the Arthur Loesch preamp come in mind.

By simply replacing the 6K load resistor with a CCS the input sensitivity goes from. The Bored Bored Member Posts: Assuming a 2V RMS source and a typical bias point of V, full peak signal into the grid of the choke loaded will net you about 50V peak which would drive the 2A3 grid into A2.


I’ve had this circuit up on a board and am having some troubles with what appears to be heater related hum. In other words, with just two triodes, we can come up with a bunch of novel circuits.

Well, I have not tried those exact values, but those are both SRPP xrpp which have a decent following. Note how the output still attaches to the phase splitter.

The Tube CAD Journal,SRPP Over-Designing

I find maximum watts possible and best possible sound are mutually exclusive. So, I could be wrong about which would work best; or, put differently, it depends on how good the power supply is. Actually V allowing for resistor drops.

I went out and picked up some for future tinkering. Post 9 of 9. Also isn’t that right in the signal path?

It is the trickiest part to build as I favor compact, direct to socket implementation whenever possible. Post 8 of 9.

Lets start with the “Universal Power Transformer”. Xrpp This Page Tweet. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. The SRPP is a bit demanding for the tubes if you use one tube for each channel.

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