But, I suggest you read all that’s there on the btwincap site, and experiment. Search for and download the “btwincap” drivers. Intervision IV – zoran. I’ll see tonight when I get home what the settings could be. In dscaler I have tried using the two prolink cards shown and the provideo card shown. Package comes with different contents: DC20 ql16x24b , zr , zr , saa , saa

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Tue Aug 24, 9: MII – B Does this mean dscaler will not give me sound off this card? MX RV Rv.3f capture only.

Model got re – usedsome model no. M J PEG capture and playback: Tue Feb 22, I recently found drivers and application software to make it work but I cannot identify the card type or the tuner in order to use dscaler. Note that even cards with same re.v3f numbers have depending on the revision.


If you can’t figure it out by yourself, I can set it up and tell you what to do exactly. KW – Bt Hi tarambuka The site you posted is where I found the pvstv. Typhoon TV card series: Manufacturer of video 878ttv is listed as: Search for and download the “btwincap” drivers. It works fine on the tv application. Cable – Surfer 2.

LR74 is a newer PCB revision of ceb both incl. I don’t think this is 878hv because there is no FM input to the card.

Lg Xcess tv Rev 3f |Driver

The perfect drivers are the those. Hi I am a complete newbie here.

TEC sound package and manuals don ‘t have any other manufacturer info TecSound. Terra Active Radio Upgrade teahsaat.

Prolink PV-BT878TV rev. 3F Free Driver Download

I have read the discussion about sound so I know it can be a problem with some cards. KW – A capture only. Buz zrzrsaasaa Falcon Series capture only.


Tue Aug 24, 1: One thing you could do, is to try and select all re.v3f different cards in the dscaler setup, without changing the tuner IC e.

Or, you can try different audio sources, find them in the dscaler menus.

M – U Picture is great but no sound. Just came across dscaler today.

There is a philips tuner. At first I tried the original tv driver supplied by tiny.

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