Registered protocol family 31 [ Hash tables configured established bind [ Per a decision made by the Ubuntu Kernel Team, bugs will longer be assigned to the ubuntu-kernel-team in Launchpad as part of the bug triage process. There are many, many manufacturers beyond the examples give here. Old models only Linux: Diego 7 One of the best chipsets nowadays is Atheros.

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Dave 1 7 Hi Shawn, It would be good to get confirmation that the driver that exists upstream actually works for you. May i ask you to explain rgl8185 did i do wrong and what should i do to get a correct results? Don’t install it through Synaptic, because if you do that it will force you to also install the packages for ndiswrapper, defeating the purpose of compiling from source.

There are no native linux drivers for the Realtek b yetbut you could look here: As mac requires all injected packets to have a Radiotap header, which is not supported in aircrack-ng 0. It is very well supported under Linux, and also under Windows. Enter the information into FCC Website and then browse the internal photos of the device. It is simple to install: By considering these factors, it will help you make a more informed decision on what to purchase. Thanks for such a usefull stuff.


The company had open designs and schematics for most of its products along with the source code firmware remains proprietary but otherwise. I am playing around with aircrack. The output from running aircrack-ng shows all the packets from the capture file, but I’m unable to view the top of this output, only the last lines.

mac [Aircrack-ng]

Registered protocol family 8 [ Knowing the sirodump chipset manufacturer allows you to determine which operating systems are supported, software drivers you need and what limitations are associated with them. See this link for the card details.

Have a look at lspci -vv output for descriptions, PCI id and kernel modules used. USB hub found [ How to know my wireless card has injection enabled? If it works from the liveCD then it will work after it is installed.

This is due to mac returning the signal strength values in dBm, which is almost always a negative number, and aircrack-ng treats the negative reading incorrectly. Allocating bytes of per cpu data [ 0. This Netgear support page describes which serial numbers are for each version of the card.

Transparent bridge – I am trying to hack into my wifi for aiirodump, but my Wi-Fi channel keeps changing, like every few seconds. Is there a command to ask airodump-ng which of my wifi adapters it recognizes? For more information refer to this page.

Recent Drivers  ASUS P4S533 - MX DRIVER

See more recent update info here See this thread for how to do injection. With airmon-ng I can create and However, these cards are very temperamental, hard to get working, and have a tendency to work for a while then stop working for no reason. Current development versions of the driver can actually reach speeds higher than those possible with Atheros, often up to PPS and over.

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How to get packets for a specific access point I have Wireshark and Aircrack-ng and whenever I capture packets I don’t know how to capture packets for a specific network the network is “2WIRE”. If these things still don’t work, I don’t know what else to try unless you want to do a hardcore debugging session with ndiswrapper, which as I said I’m not qualified to do.

At the very least, you’ll have an option of running the Intrepid kernel which will provide support for you card assuming the upstream driver works.

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