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This causes a problem, because if I for example accidentally install a Windows update which messes up Windows and prevents it from loading up correctly, I would have no way to simply reinstall a new copy of windows and keep all my installed software. The keyboard is positioned where you expect it to be, in the expected rectangular shape with all the keys at their expected correct location with the exception of the Fn key, which is placed at a rather strange position. The microphone is very useful. It is good for video calls and conferences, but the resolution is just not high enough for it to be used to take pictures of important notes, documents, blackboards in lecture halls etc. Power State Summary I have to mention the Asus recovery software, as it is a bit of a disappointment.

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Listening To Audio Cd I say not surprisingly as KL Computers Ltd has a Quality policy which states that all their ensemble systems are individually tested and checked before being shipped.

Asus A6Va Manuals

Keyboard — Very solid. Using The Battery Pack Video And Silent Video Mode Limitation Of Liability Keyboard As A Numeric Keypad Macrovision Corporation Product Notice France Restricted Wireless Frequency Bands The screen also helps with gaming, as the Color Wireleess coating just makes everything look more vibrant and alive. External Audio Connections I definitely do not regret purchasing this notebook.


I will try my best not to boast about how amazing this notebook is, but instead take a conservative point of view not very easy to achieveand compare it with other popular notebooks currently in the market. Wirelesss The Notebook Pc Asus A6Va—QH view larger image.

The display wirelwss feels very strong and only bends the slightest when pressure is exerted without affecting the display yes, I did it with my screen turned on — call me reckless.

Introducing The Notebook Pc A down point in my opinion. Zsus the speakers are strangely placed, the sound quality and volume of this machine is great in my opinion. The reasons are Acer lovers beware!

Mouse — Very solid. On the desktops I have used, a gentle brush of the eject button with my finger is usually enough to make the CD tray fly out. Laser Safety Information Bluetooth Wireless Connection on Selected Models The machine makes barely a whisper while typing in Microsoft Word.

ASUS A6Va Notebook Drivers Download for Windows 7, , 10 & XP

Federal Communications Commission Statement Fcc Radio Frequency Interference Requirements However, there are a few negative issues with the solid feel of this machine that I need to mention, namely that absolutely everything feels very solid and firm. To make things even worse, when they wirelesz Acer, and after a courier sent by Acer picked up the machine, it took them a month of angry and frustrating phone calls to Acer before Acer finally sent another courier over to theirs delivering a brand new TravelMate apparently Acer LOST the ones my friends had, BOTH of them to each of them.


Kudos to KL Computers Ltd! Maybe my schooling is turning me into ashs bit of a weakling; maybe Asus over-solidified their A6Va; or maybe a bit of both. Powering Off The Notebook Pc Restarting Or Rebooting The mouse is located conveniently within thumbs reach of the keyboard, which allows me to effortlessly switch to mouse mode and place the cursor wherever I want while writing this review without moving the rest of s6va fingers from the keyboard.

Usb Keyboard And Mouse The microphone is very useful. When gaming or running other demanding applications, the underside and the top left part below the display panel of the base get hot although not uncomfortably hotand the fan turns on.

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