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If you want a golf club that not only looks sensational, but can really sing in the hands of the player, this Tour Edge golf club is for you. I’d like to get another one with less loft to replace my 5 wood. For me, this club is very stra it and I can hit it high from any lie. Thinner and denser than the cast walls, the forged steel crown provides a lower center of gravity and enhances rebound off the face. I love the club and use it regularly when playing.

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Crown-pull casting technology allows additional weight to be added to the sole for higher flying shots. It hits the ball really straight. If you have trouble hitting conventional fairway woods or even most hybrid woods, the consider this club. I love the club and use it regularly when playing.

Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX Iron-Wood Hybrid, Utility Club Golf Club

The result, even off-center hits fly longer and more accurate for lower scores. Most relevant reviews See all 18 reviews. I have never had a 2 iron but I thought I should try one since I hit the 3 Iron-wood so well.

These clubs are durable with a good appearance, which is important to golfers. This item doesn’t belong on this page. The face is made as thin as possible with variable face thickness and structurally supported with three internal reinforcement bars. Improving on the wildly popular JMAX series, the new and improved JMAX Gold features a two-piece construction that features a hyper steel body and a forged crown that maximizes weight distribution to easily get bzzooka ball into the air.


Plus, the wood-like body of this hybrid golf club makes it easy to hit the exge with a high ball flight.

Show More Show Less. Lengths listed are men’s standard. It looks more like an iron, but plays more like a wood and is easy to hit. I wouldn’t part with it. I have so much confidence in this club that I’m using it to hmax off with more and more.

Crown pull casting technology creates a stronger more dense body so the walls and face can be made thinner to get more spring off the face and place more mass in the sole. I wouldn’t jmwx with it.

Reviews: Tour-Edge-Bazooka-JMAX-Iron-Wood-Hybrid-Utility-Club-Golf-Club | eBay

It is ridiculously easy to use and I was able to hit it well from the very first swing. Moreover, the hollow hyper steel head of this Tour Edge golf club gives maximum perimeter weighting and is an ideal iron replacement. Ladies standard lengths are -1″ from men’s standard. Prior to this set she was playing 5 fairway woods and irons 6-SW with 18 hole scores in the range Skip to main content.


Tour Edge Bazooka JMax QL Irons user reviews : out of 5 – 12 reviews –

If you have trouble hitting conventional fairway woods or even most hybrid woods, the consider this club. This is a great club.

Toud 1 week with her new set of QLs, she is now scoring regularly below and as low as a 94! I am considering buying a 5 Iron wood to replace my 5 iron.

Skip to main content. The topline is designed to seamlessly mix and match with other Bazooka irons for a perfect compliment to any set.

So I use a shorter back swing with it,; also it makes me maintain my spine angle better. You don’t have to swing very hard for it to be effective. Do you think she loves these clubs? I probably pull it out of my bag more often than any club other than my bazoooa.

Featuring a super heavy sole, this Tour Edge golf jkax lowers the center of gravity, thereby providing both stability through the shot and assistance in giving the golfers a higher flight pattern.

I would suggest for older golfers to use the 3 to 7 iron-woods.

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