ANY help would be appreciated. Notify me of new posts by email. Hi, Combine both shoudl keep contacts from both data sources. I can see the names but they don’t have any contact details such as mobile number, email etc. Hi phone copy shows 0 contacts when I have over in my phone. How can i upgrade my cloudfone galaxy ice e? Hello, we detected that you performed a succesfull sync with contacts on at

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Hello, there is no setting needed.

I have a coopad c and any time I put it on, all it shows me is ‘Coolpad c’ thta’s all till the battery will go off. Hi, what android version you have installed?

It is offensive or harmful. Hi, it is not export it is synchronization. Hello, just uninstall PhoneCopy as any other Android app. In fact if I log into the website it keeps saying that my Samsung device has never been Synced We can’t influence it.

In any android phone I prefer to save contacts in my mail id, it enables me to get all data including contact while switching to new coudfone. Hi, you can synchronize PhoneCopy to Google Calendar and then your android can be synchronized directly with Google Calendar as well.


Synchronize Cloudfone Ice e – PhoneCopy – Your Personal Cloud

How do I force that? I uploaded all my contacts to Phonecopy, i reset my phone back to factory settings and synced my account with phone copy and I lost all my contacts on both phone and Phonecopy. I’m trying to copy my contacts from my ‘old’ HTC Wilfire to a ‘new’ Moto G but not all the contacts have been uploaded to the Phonecopy account and so, obviously, I won’t get them all on the Moto G. HI, we forwarded your feedback to our android team to check it there is possibility to solve it in future versions PhoneCopy support teamyesterday.

I want to get apps back to my phone. How do I make it find my contacts? My sister’s cellphone cloudfone was stolen last November 03, He always gets the error that no server connection is available or registering isn’t allowed. We can restore only data which was at least once synchronized to our server. The number of data items for free account has been exceeded 7 days ago. Please use Lost Password link from home page.

Want to give my old phone to my Personal Assistant, with the hope that if we both continue to synchronise and update BOTH phones to the account, we will they be able to maintain and update the SAME set of contacts. Our software quickly, effectively, and safely roots your SPRD ice e.


CloudFone ICE 350e Hard Reset

Google Pf Store is saying that it is not compatible with the app. Almost nobody has personal contacts. Using that filter you can select all contacts without number and you can set it to contact group which is not synchronized to your phone.

Thanks for repairing the incompatibilities with Nougat.

One Click Root

Hi, when you delete items from blocked account it can take tens of minutes until your account is unlocked. Is your request related to PhoneCopy applicatoin?

Solved via private mail. Can you solve this please. Hi, it is supported now. Can you explain what problem you need to solve? Can you see which date i installed this program, and is it anything else i must du to find sms sendt and deleted? I reset my phone before some days There are hundreds of root-only apps and features out there.

We can unroot your device with one click.

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