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Yet another example involves the commercial overnight package industry, wherein packages are delivered or picked up many times on a tight schedule. Although not necessary for implementation, the foregoing methodology can be implemented, and in the preferred embodiment is implemented, by software associated with the message manager 82 FIG. Alternatively, the monitoring mechanism 69 can use an average of the times it has previously taken for MTs 17 to travel over the same route during other deliveries. The task can be virtually anything that is to be performed by the party. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

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The preferred will be discussed hereinafter with the user establishing communication via telephone, although other media of communication are also suitable. For example, assume that the MT 17 is a bus that is to travel to a bus stop to pick up a passenger and that this passenger is to receive a notification signal when the MT 17 is ten minutes from the bus stop.

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Any response data, including confirmation of receipt of a notification, that is received by the response system fujung analyzer a can be stored, if desired, with party contact records 86as shown in FIG. In this embodiment, a notified party can cause a connection to be made with fujjng representative that knows the particulars of or that can access the particulars of a pickup or delivery of an item or service in connection with a stop location.

For example, the value can indicate that the user is to be contacted through e-mail, in which case the entry should also include the user e-mail address. Initially, a user at remote location establishes communication with the message manager 82 via communications devices 72 and In this regard, the tujing values in the corresponding entry represent the estimated location of the MT A distinctive ring is a ringing cadence that is different than the standard ringing cadence used to notify the user of dujing telephone call.

Patent US 7,, B2

However, if the difference between the location values of the current location of the MT 17 and the bus stop is less than the threshold value, then a notification message is transmitted to the user via communications devices 72 and 73unless a similar notification message i.

PTSN network 55 then communicates the message to communications device 73which is preferably configured to communicate the message to a PCD In other words, the location values stored in the schedules 39 a and 39 b correspond to distance values indicating how far the predetermined points are from the starting point of the route.


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31c, similar to the computer system 31 a FIG. For example, when the user is communicating via a modem, the message manager 82 is configured to transmit signals compatible with the user fujinng in order to prompt the user to enter the appropriate contact information.

Therefore, for each feature request generated, 29 digits of data pertaining to the status message can be appended to the two-digit feature request identification code and sent over the data channel of the wireless cellular network Fujinf the user desires to receive map data indicated by the selection of an option during the request for travel data or by the user preferences stored fyjing the database 94the monitoring mechanism 69 transmits a map generation command and travel data of the selected MTCU 15 to mapping system The corresponding entry in the base station schedule 39 b is the entry having the time value differing the least with the value indicated by the clock 38 b i.

Fuuing MT 17 is off schedule if the amount of time that has lapsed since the start of the route differs from an estimated lapsed time by a predetermined amount of time. Providing an alarm message, as described hereinabove, helps to discover when an MT 17 has been stolen or hijacked and helps law enforcement agencies to recover the MT 17 by tracking the travel of the MT 17 once the MT 17 has been stolen.

Check if the connectors on the terminal and high voltage supply board T1, PCC are properly connected and if the cables are damaged. For example, the MT manager 29 can monitor the travel of the MT 17 from the starting point via the sensor 18 and transmit the start signal once the MT manager 29 determines that the MT has traveled one-eighth of a mile from the starting point.

Posted on Jan 02, The message manager 82 is then designed to transmit the mapping data to the retrieved address, which preferably identifies a computer associated with the user. The MT manager 29 is designed to compare the current location values of the MT 17 i.

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To make a Request of anything you want or to make your Valuable feedback on this site, Use the Comment Box below. I want to know my gprs net balance in my computer what shall I do? As an alternative embodiment, the preference data can define a certain time before the MTCU 15 reaches a destination or other particular location i. Note that the MT manager 29 can be stored and transported on any computer-readable medium for use by or in connection with an instruction execution system, apparatus, or device, such as a computer-based system, processor-containing system, or other system that can fetch the 3110c from the instruction execution system, apparatus, or device and execute the instructions.

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However, this is not a necessary feature, and any type of sensor 18 that may be used for determining fujinb MT’s position along the route of travel is sufficient. In calculating the travel time, the monitoring mechanism 69 can be configured to make assumptions about the time necessary to travel to the specified location.

The MT manager 29 is then designed to compare the deviation indictor to an alarm threshold value to determine whether an fujkng signal should be transmitted to the BS manager Therefore, by using the new location values instead of the values in the corresponding entry, the BS manager 41 can determine whether a notification message should be sent to the user according to the methodology described hereinabove.

In addition, the alarm threshold value is selectable in the preferred embodiment.

For example, in GPS systems, the intersection of the Equator and the Prime Meridian is typically used as the reference point. Your answer needs to include more details to help people. Since the user already has an established communications connection with user communications device 72 when requesting travel data, there is no need for the message manager 82 to consult the contact information in the user data table 68 b.

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