System Settings 10 System Settings Each feature of the machine is set to the factory default initial settings, but you can customize these settings. Refer to “When [Delete] is Selected” When the paper is curled or problems occur due to the high temperature of the fuser unit, select [Lightweight]. When placing a call on-hook, we recommend turning the line monitor volume to “Loud”. The call destination can be specified using the numeric keypad, address numbers, or one touch buttons. Users Controlled by Authentication The following explains the types of users controlled with the Authentication feature. Copy Trays 2nd to 4th Buttons Select from preset paper trays.

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Fax Mode Settings File Destination – Line Setup Classifies received documents by line type and stores the documents in specified mailboxes. Adjust pd copy density or image quality, or specify for [Background Suppression]. For a Print Job Select a job shown as an error termination in the [Completed Jobs] tab to check the error code.

Left cover Open this cover to access the insides of the machine to clear paper jams. OFF Selects whether aligning the position of the document and the paper is to be done automatically or not. For information, contact our Customer Support Center. Open the top cover of the finisher transport. Custom Settings The numbers stored in the memory appear.

Recent Drivers  HC26 USB DRIVER

FUJI Xerox APEOSPORT – II C4300 Printer Photocopier Scanner Fax

Roman Sans serif User-defined Characters On this machine, you can use user-defined wpeosport-ii. Placing a Call The following describes how to place a call using the external telephone. To use the [Scan to Mailbox] feature, select [Scan to Mailbox]. Therefore, they are erased when the machine is switched off. You can specify the size in the range from 6 to 24 points in 1 point increments.


Auto Set The file name is “img-xxx” where xxx is the date and time. Printing The [Authorization – Printing] screen appears.

For each setting, refer to “Resolution Specifying the Scanning Resolution ” If printed manually, the document will not be printed at the specified time. Action Correctly enter the login name. Transmission Options Transmission Options You can specify fax transmission conditions in the [Transmission Options] screen.

Broadcast There are three Relay Broadcast Send methods. Gradation can be adjusted for each screen type. Users Controlled by Authentication The following explains the types of users controlled with the Authentication feature.

Public Mailbox Store documents to be sent, in response to instructions received from remote machines, in the public mailbox of the machine. Enter [Remote Mailbox Number]. When the HDD Kit optional is added to the machine, user-defined characters can be stored on the hard disk, and are not erased even when the machine is switched off.


You can specify from 1 to 23 repeats along the long side Y and from 1 to 33 repeats along the short side X.

Local Terminal Information 10 System Settings Local Terminal Information You can set the local terminal information, including a local name and sender name. Machine Status 12 Machine Status This chapter describes the features for checking the machine status. Replacing Consumables Grip the lever R1 of the staple cartridge holder, and pull out the holder to the right, towards you.

Place the document the front side of 2-sided document face up in the center of the document feeder. Replacing Consumables When the waste toner container becomes full, a message appears on the touch screen. Contact our Customer Support Center.

This feature is not available unless recipients support the MDN feature. To prevent this, switch to Diplomat paper. Refer to “When [Delete] is Selected” A cover note is added.

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