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I upgraded them all with 1. Could anyone please point me to where I can download the current firmware or version 2. Security cameras by Rick Broida Oct 29, Your email address will not be revealed on this site. I am now really confused – maybe the naming differs from country to country? Your credentials are only used locally by javascript to generate a URL for your camera.

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Grand WiFi Camera Plus.

Connect to Grandtec IP cameras

Remember me Set cookies so I don’t need to fill out my details next time Allow message form Allow users to contact me through a message form — Your email will not be revealed! Does anybody had the Driver for installing this camera? After the update the network settings were back at default I am now really confused – maybe the naming differs from country to country?

Right now there is the Version 2.

GrandTec Grand IP Camera 3 firmware update

Notify me of replies. I managed to log in, using user vrandtec password, but the next it asked me to select language, and after i did that, it just sit there without going any farther.


There was no link to the firmware update on the webinterface, but gfand direct link was working. Cheers for the help. Security Cameras by David Priest Aug 20, You can open camdra peice of junk up and wire in a max chip and then you have serial access to the bootloader… so even if you have screwed up the firmware on the camera entirely you can put another firmware on the camera. Have anyone a solution Maybe how to restore firmware from USB?

Do you know how to change my firmware to back with USB Port only?

This firmware has the functionalty for the WIFI version of this camera in the setup page as it did in version 1. The mjpeg stream is not supported in IE but it works with safari and chrome. Security Cameras by Megan Wiif May 14, Hopefully anyone who is unsuccessful with the 1. Seems like a number of people have been applying this firmware to the Grandtec IP Camera 2. Now the IP part of the cam is dead. Finally, found out from netcamera.

Nest’s 4K camera has the specs, but few will want to pay. The link grznd to the file: This made it really difficult to find a firmware upgrade for it. So that my iPhone and mac can see them.


Grandtec IP camera URL

I am waiting with my cam that is not working now. Subscribe in a reader. Security Cameras by Megan Wollerton Nov 8, I now have a Model 2 Grandtec IP camera running 1. After firmware update cam is getting back to the factory settings so: I have updated the post above with a link to wigi firmware.

Hi Martin, This post is almost 2 years old.

I dont get ping from The ipcam utility found the camera and let me change the ip back. System Requirements OS Required.

It is best to avoid it for now until a fix is available. Camera kill network connection Please help me to mario mariopari.

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