If you want to help adding support for new camera models or you want to test a model not yet fully supported, please check this documentation. All In-Depth Reviews Browse more reviews in our other categories. Make sure the printer cable is connected or the IrDa ports are aligned if using infrared. Follow the on-screen directions to set up the printer as desired. There is no official documentation of the Pentax tethering protocol, but you can check our Pentax SCSI protocol documentation. We also offer free photo space and a host of official and unofficial photo challenges where you can test your skills.

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Use a plug adapter if necessary or contact your local reseller or Pentax for further assistance. I have had great fun keeping a blog for quite a while on using Linux and open source software in general for photography.

This is the proper connection regardless if this is a serial, parallel, Infrared, or USB cable. If you need to print multiple test pages, repeat steps 1 through 4 above as needed.

If using a DC power adapter, make sure the voltage from the vehicle is high enough. You can also contact your local dealer for information. Adjust the application or printer driver as needed. The application should be sending data to the printer, but the green DATA indicator is not lit Make sure the interface cable is properly connected to both the printer and the host computer, or that the infrared unit is properly connected and pehtax toward the infrared unit on the computer.


Make sure the battery has been installed and connected properly. Select the printer name and the default.


If it is open, close it completely. See page 7 for proper DIP switch position to enable this feature.

In this mode, the other three switches have no effect. All cables will have this connector as shown in the serial cable example below. This will yield approximately 60 pages per charge. Click here to donate.

Linux for Photography Review – Introduction | Reviews

Cut Sheet Paper Usage 1. Feel free to send pull requests if you enhance the program. Disconnect your Windows CE device from the desktop computer. Turn the printer off and allow it to cool before continuing to print.

Press the main switch once quickly to turn the printer ON, and then press the main switch once again quickly to start the printer platen roller turning. The image has light or white vertical lines Make sure the release cover was not left open during printing. Turn the printer off or wait until the POWER indicator light stops blinking before you continue printing. Grasp the battery removal ribbon, which is attached to the inside of the battery compartment.


Follow the on-screen instructions. Pentax makes no other warranty, either expressed or implied, with respect to this product. With power ON and paper inserted, press and hold the main switch to feed or eject paper. Page 23 Perforated Roll Paper Usage 1. You can take pictures, change settings using the command line version, but you cannot read the status fields.

The printer automatically powers off when running under battery power and if there has been no activity for 2 minutes no data received, no paper inserted, etc. Pentax Printer Driver Update Utility. Depending on the kit, these items may be included, not optional.

Commandline interface The program has a rich command line interface. When an error occurs, they show the type of error.

Use it at your own risk!

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