If you use a color image, LightScribe burns it as a grayscale monochrome image. While the label is being created, you can continue to use your computer for other activities. A progress bar shows the remaining time during the burning process. Asia Pacific and Oceania. Depending on the LightScribe software you use, you can create a label before or after you burn files onto the disc. With InterVideo Disc Label. Select a template style from the Template menu and click Apply.

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Using this utility can result in higher contrast, but with longer label burning times. With LightScribe you can add information to a label at a later printing session, and the additional content will be correctly aligned with the already-existing material.

Click the Theme menu and choose one of the provided theme images. Javascript is disabled in this browser. Burning an image onto a disc with LightScribe requires three things: Keep using your computer.

Or use the Title or Content templates instead of Full Disc.

LightScribe System Software

When attempting to download the LightScribe system software, nothing happened when I clicked the “update” or “download. While the disc is labeling, avoid any sudden shock or vibration to the computer.

Select a label template by clicking the left or right arrows next to Layout and choosing a layout. If the drive door has the LightScribe name or logo on it, your drive is LightScribe capable.

Recent Drivers  DM9102AF VISTA DRIVER

LightScribe software and disc utilities may be found on a number of public websites.

HP Dvd740 IDE DVD Burner and Reader With Lightscribe

With the text box selected click the box onceuse the Lightscribee toolbar to modify the font, color, and other text properties. The disc must have a clean surface and be free of smudges especially around the center of the disc. Click Tracks to display the Edit Tracks lughtscribe. What does it take to burn a LightScribe disc? Will the LightScribe image fade or darken over time or with exposure to light?

Can I burn a LightScribe label more than once, adding to the content already burned? LightScribe discs are optimized to ensure that the label surface lasts.

How does the LightScribe technology work? The Virtual Agent is currently lightsfribe. Select a template style from the Template menu and click Apply. No significant reduction of laser life is expected under typical labeling circumstances.

The process is similar to film exposure, except that the LightScribe dvd8840 reacts specifically to the intense light of the laser. Labels can be a simple title with a contents list, or you can get more creative by adding backgrounds and images.

LightScribe System Software | Lightscribe Software – Free and Premium Lightscribe Labeling Software

LightScribe discs are identified by the LightScribe logo on the retail packaging ilghtscribe on the inner area of the disc itself. While you cannot replace a LightScribe label with a new design, you can add more content to a label that has already been burned. From your LightScribe software, select the file as a background and complete your label by adding any desired text.


Depending on the LightScribe software you use, you can create a label before or after you burn files onto the disc.

Double-click the title text box, if present, or click Add Text. When using generic mode printing, speed and image quality may not be best. Does the LightScribe labeling process emit any hazardous chemicals? The disc must be placed label side down in the optical disc tray.

Make sure to accept and proceed with any messages that ligtscribe. LightScribe software indicates the time remaining to burn the design. To make sure the label is exactly the way you want it, use the Dbd840 Preview function if available or print the label out on paper to see it before burning.

Asia Pacific and Oceania.

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